My views on the PLL Season 6B Trailers/Previews – WHAT??!!

Hello you guys!

Note: this is something quite different to what I would normally write but I have loved putting it together and I’m no expert but I thought that it might be fun to do something different. If you preferred the content that I used to write on my old blog I will carry on doing that here but this was just a little, fun, new thing to do to start this blog off with a bang! Also, THERE WILL BE MAJOR SPOILERS in the videos linked and there will be spoilers in the text as well so maybe save this until you’re all caught up!

So, you may not know but I am completely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars- it all started on the 31st May 2015, when my Dad got a free Netflix trial. During the first week I got obsessed ( and I mean like at least 2 episodes a day, probably) with Once Upon a Time (if you want to I can do a post on that too!), then on the 13th June I watched the very first episode of Pretty Little Liars and it was love at first sight- like, I cannot even lie! All jokes aside, I have binged watched all seasons and about a month ago, maybe two, I got completely up to date. So, the mystery of A has been solved (guys, please let me know what you think of the A reveal as I have complete mixed emotions over it as, to me, her reasons didn’t seem strong enough for the amount of relentless torture they got, but I do like that deep, twisted story in Ali’s family and I think that gives a lot of background to how she treated the others in flashbacks during earlier series and made me sympathise more with that Ali) and there has been a PLL shaped hole left ever since that final episode. I really like the idea behind the 5 years later mystery and I was, throughout the show, really interested in the characters lives and personalities and I am looking forward to seeing how each character has developed throughout the 5 years, but obviously the most exciting thing is the new mystery and how we get to see the characters we all love take on a mystery in their young adulthood. So, onto my trailers/previews thoughts and views- hope you enjoy!

Promo 1- Of Late I Think Rosewood

Video Link-

Oooohhhh- tense! A short but sweet TOO SHORT start to build tension SCARE US ALL! One thing I loved about this is how happy the girls seemed together in the first clip- they’ve been through so much together that it will be really lovely to see the girls, you know, just chatting and doing things normal friends would! I mean, give them a break- they’ve kind of been through a lot! But poor Emily- she’s someone who has suffered with a lot and to see her so upset about college and her 5 years really upset me- what do you think? Then it gets tense- “Do you still have nightmares?”- I WOULD!! Then the impossible choice- what has gone on?! Then- “I know you did this to protect me”- DID WHAT? The zoom in on that computer screen (Is that Ezria btw- what do you think?) and Emily frantically trying to find/hide (???) something and Sarah and Emily together in a GRAVEYARD (???????)- like, what the heck is going on in Liar Land (hey, I like that!)?

Promo 2- Of Late I Think Rosewood #2

Video Link-

Wow- this really does get me excited! This trailer gives a lot of clues to the plot of 6B and there were a lot of points so I’m only going to pick up and comment on a few things. First, 5 A free years- but “A lot has happened, good, bad and ugly”…….? WHAT WAS BAD? WHAT WAS UGLY? Can’t wait to find out! So, they lie for Ali. Again. I really am not sure why they are so devoted to Ali- she really hasn’t given the girls that much and they do a lot for Ali! But, it’s about not being afraid of Charlotte.  Obviously, sister love will get in the way of Ali confessing her true emotions, but the others..? Hanna, as always, doesn’t seem scared at all of her anymore- maybe she’s recovered more than the others after what’s happened. However, Aria’s definitely still haunted by it. Anyway, they do lie, and this seems to start the long list of problems for the girls.

Then, they start getting texts. Hey, is this déjà vu, or has this happened before?! Although repetitive, it really makes you think that A is linked to this in more than one way- same techniques must mean this monster will want them to associate him/her with A? (Just a note, there will be people who disagree with me, it’s just my thoughts!)

Next, the girls corner Aria about something that happened. It also looked scarily suspicious that Ezra was there too, and her convincing someone that the security footage was deleted. I have no idea what is going on and I am bursting to know! Also, Aria seems to be devoting herself to Ezra and he just yells at her. Loud. Something weird went on……

Also, Emily is pinned down on a hospital bed, screaming. These girls really can’t get a break!

Then it ends with Caleb completely standing up for the girls and it looks like he hacks the new bad guy! I’ve always liked Caleb!!! Also, did anyone else notice that Spencer and Caleb seemed to spend an awful lot of time together……..?

So, that is the end for that post. Sorry about how long it was but I really hope you enjoyed it and thank you for getting to the end! Please, comment below about any thoughts you have on the trailers or post suggestions or anything- I’d really love that!

Libby x


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