Scrapbooking: How to get started

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share my tips on how to start scrapbooking. This is a craft that I adore and have been having a lot of fun with lately and I want to share how I’ve started up this hobby without very many materials!


This is my scrapbook. Very simple and completely DIY, but could be customised to be what you want it to be! All I did was take 7 sheets of A4 printer paper (not the best for paints and felt tips but what I had on hand) and I folded them in half. Then, I printed off a notebook cover (link at the bottom of the post) and folded it in half and put this in front of the other pages. Next, I got a needle and punctured holes in the crease of the middle page with the other pages stacked underneath it where I wanted the string to bind the pages. Finally, I threaded coloured raffia through the pages and tied the edges together in a bow in the front of the book. To embellish, I stuck a white label on the front of the book and wrote 2015 on it as this is the year I’m currently scrapbooking (I know, so behind!).

Scrapbooking equipment

The only thing that you really need is an album, notebook or whatever you want to scrapbook in and photos. The rest is up to you! Things I use most are paint for the background and pens for the journaling. There are a few more things I’d recommend, which are washi tapes (very versatile and there are so many options!), stickers (I like the Simple Stories range) and any other things you like! Some of my favourite random things I love to use for backgrounds are old books I don’t want to re-read that make beautiful backgrounds and maps of the place I was when the photos were taken.

Ideas and inspiration

Social media will be your best friend for this! Make a Pinterest board, follow scrapbooking accounts on Instagram and find some blogs you like to follow. The blog I find most inspiration from is A Beautiful Mess – the scrapbooks are stunning and their products from their shop are also beautiful! The scrapbook style shown on their blog is completely different from mine (it’s similar to Project Life which is an awesome form of scrapbooking) but I can still draw inspiration and ideas from it, therefore it means I have a completely different scrapbook from Elsie which I love as it’s mine, not anyone else’s! If you need any extra ideas you are welcome to look at a few of my favourite pages from my scrapbook….



(There was journaling added to it later on!)


This is  a big, blurry close up of a background I did for one of my pages. All I did was paint the background pink and then I added some white paint to the same paint, mixed it in to get a lighter colour and then tapped my brush to get a splatter effect across the page.


This was another background which I painted in the bottom left hand corner of the page, and used the rest of the page for journaling.



I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired/helped you. Please leave a comment or like this post (if you did!), I’d really love that!

See you next time!

Libby xx





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