How to choose your GCSE options

Hey everyone!

I’ve got something a little different for today. I’ve recently had to choose my set in stone GCSE options, and I really struggled finding first-hand advice on how to choose. I found the process super overwhelming, so hopefully my tips will get your mind a bit clearer on what you want to do!

Just for some information, I’ve decided to take Spanish, History, Drama and Graphics (design technology). I chose Spanish and History as I enjoy them and wanted the EBacc (will get onto later), Drama as I enjoy it and wanted to develop my confidence and public speaking, which are key to any career, and Graphics as a relaxed subject I enjoy and can be creative in. My school also has mandatory English Language, English Literature, Maths and double Science (though I will probably take triple)

Tip 1: Research

If you know what career path you’re interested in, make sure to research mandatory A Levels, and GCSE courses. Once you know these, check what GCSE courses you need to do to get the A Level cause. If, like me, you have no idea what you want to do, then have fun with it! Flick through a local school’s A Level prospectus, find what courses interest you, and pay attention to GCSE subjects that keep on cropping up as mandatory and make sure you choose them to keep your options wide open! I even took it one step further and researched what degree courses I might want to do, which made me so excited for the things I have to come way in the future, and made the process more fun, for me anyway!

Tip 2: Careers Advice

There are LOADS of websites with help on what jobs you might want to do in the future, which can help with choosing options that kept opportunities open. Also, if your school has one, visit the Careers Adviser – they are trained to help you with GCSE options, and future careers you may be interested in.

Tip 3: Keep your options open

Even if you are completely sure about what you want to do, don’t limit yourself. People grow and change, so if you can, it might be worth keeping your options as varied as possible. The way I did this was by ensuring I had the options for the EBacc (English Baccalaureate), which consists of English, Maths, the Sciences, History or Geography and a language. This is NOT MANDATORY, just something encouraged to keep your choices open. For more information, click here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/english-baccalaureate-ebacc/english-baccalaureate-ebacc

Tip 4: Choose subjects you enjoy

This is the most important one of all. By choosing options you enjoy, it’s going to make you happier, which is the most important thing. Also, I think if you have qualifications that you’ve enjoyed getting, it’ll lead to a future you’ll enjoy, at least while you’re at school.


I hoped this helped in some way to any of you! Good luck choosing, and don’t stress – go with what you think is right.

Libby xx



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