Biannual Bibliothon – Day 2 – Book Review

Hey everyone!

Today, the challenge is hosted by Kassie at Miss Sassy Kassie who you should definitely check out! Today I’m going to review The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, because I’ve read it recently and really thoroughly loved it, like I do all books that make me laugh and cry (and I did both a lot during reading this book!).

So this follows Christopher Boone who discovers that his neighbour’s dog has been killed, and he decides to become a detective and track down the murderer. It also follows how his autism affects his life day to day. His remarks and quips on life are so hilarious, and the story is written so simplistically and logically that you really see everything through his eyes. His happy days where he saw enough cars to be happy made you happy.  And the sadness that he experiences when his life is shattered into a million pieces are all that more heartbreaking.

I loved (and simultaneously hated for some) all the characters in this book. Mark Haddon writes so flawlessly that every character is developed, whether that is personally or because of Christopher, and every arc I whole-heartedly cared about.

I also can’t speak about the autism representation personally, but I can say that I feel like I understand the disorder more, and that I can emphasise and relate more – even understand possibly a better way to communicate with someone on the spectrum, and that can only be a good thing. I loved this representation that you don’t get to see often in literature, or at least I don’t!

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone, and have tissues at the ready!

See you all tomorrow!

Libby xx


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